NFL Playoff Matchups

Will Davies

The NFL Playoffs culminate in matchups between the 2 best teams in the NFC and the 2 best teams in the AFC. This year the championship games were dominant. The AFC led off championship weekend with the second seeded Kansas City Chiefs facing the sixth seeded Tennessee Titans. The Titans had been on a hot streak after taking out the Patriots in the wild card game and then stunned the league by beating the one seed Ravens in the divisionals. Derrick Henry was the shining star in both of these games rushing for 182 and 195 yards respectively. The Chiefs were coming off of a dominant comeback win over Houston in the divisionals. After being down 24-0, they came back to win 51-31. With both teams being so stunning in the previous rounds, the championship looked to be an exciting one. The Titans came out strong putting the score at 10-0 with six minutes left in the first quarter and their hot streak looked validated. The Chiefs however, had almost a repeat of the divisionals by scoring a few touchdowns to head into the half up 21-17. From then on, the Chiefs were in control. After a quiet 3rd quarter from both teams, the Chiefs put up 2 more touchdowns in the fourth to effectively shut down the Titans Super Bowl dreams. The Kansas City Chiefs end up winning 35-24 and punched their ticket to their first Super Bowl since 1969. Directly after the AFC game, the NFC championship kicked off with the second seeded Green Bay Packers facing off against the first seeded San Francisco 49ers. The Packers had a first round bye and looked to be a scary team after walloping the Seahawks in the first half of the divisional round, however after almost letting the Seahawks come back, the Packers were looking questionable. The 49ers faired better after beating the Vikings by a respectable 17 points in the divisional round and looked to continue in this fashion. The 49ers did what they were supposed to do. After three Raheem Mostert touchdowns and a couple field goals by Robbie Gould, the 49ers went into halftime leading 27-0. After the Packers came out from halftime and scored on their opening drive of the half, a comeback looked possible until the 49ers answered with a touchdown of their own. After leading by 27 heading into the 4th the game was effectively over. Even after 2 touchdowns by the Packers, they still ended up losing the game 20-37, sending the 49ers to the Super Bowl to face off against the Chiefs.