Dodd continues basketball journey

Tymber Klahr, 21st Century Journalism reporter

  Freshman guard and post player Tiara Dodd has played basketball since she was a child, and is continuing her journey this year on the HHS team. Dodd gets to play quite a bit for being only a freshman and loves every second of it. The teamwork so far has been doing very well, and Dodd stated that they “all work together” and get excited when teammates do something well. 

   As many athletes do, Dodd looks up to a couple of seniors on the varsity team such as Danika Hickman and Saydee Tanking. Dodd stated that she thinks they are great players and aspires to be like them when she is a senior.

   Dodd has always had a love for sports throughout her entire life. That love started when she was young and chose to play sports in her backyard with her cousins; furthermore, she was encouraged to continue throughout middle school and high school playing the sports she enjoys such as basketball.

   As the team has not had an actual game so far, there is not much to go off of statistic wise, but Dodd believes that the freshman team will do well this year based off of the practices we have had so far. Dodd stated that she wasn’t sure how the team would do in the beginning, but everyone has shown themselves to be capable of having a great season. Although Dodd has lots of fun playing basketball, she does not plan on continuing her career throughout college. She does, however, plan on playing throughout the rest of high school.

   For the first few weeks of the season, the team had practice in both the morning and afternoon. Now that the team has gotten used to playing together, they only have practice in the afternoon which has drastically changed Dodd’s schedule. 

“It is getting easier now that practice is only in the afternoon,” Dodd stated. Dodd chose not to participate in volleyball at the beginning of the school year, so her schedule had to change now that she has a sport to attend to in the afternoons.

   This year, Dodd chose to do basketball simply because she “really likes it.” Dodd enjoys how the coaches push her to work harder as well as helping players with their own personal growth. Dodd, in particular, needed to work on her shooting form, and coach Boswell helped her a lot.