HHS boys meet Atchison

Dalton Ent, 21st Century Journalism reporter

That time of year has come to Holton, and it is time for the first basketball game of the season. For the kick off of the season Holton Wildcats will be playing Atchison Redmen. Last year Holton lost to Atchison by 3 points. 

Holton Wildcats coach Connor Bechard said, “Atchison’s biggest strength is the quickness and athleticism. They have guards who can make plays and are aggressive on offense.” 

Bechard knows that there quickness and athleticism worked to the HHS advantage at times because Atchison was overaggressive and fouled us. Bechard said they are excited about putting all of the past two and a half weeks of hard work on the floor. 

Bechard said, “We don’t have great size or depth at the post position, but our ability to pressure the ball defensively will be one of our strengths. We have good shooters and a few playmakers who should compliment each other well.”

Holton Wildcat senior Eli Prine said, “Our senior leadership this is great; we are a tight knit group and are like a family.” 

Prine also said, “We’re a bit smaller than last year, but we’re faster and we can move the ball quicker. We can pressure the ball and shooting is going to be key.” 

Atchison head coach Matt Hall said, “This game will be a good game. Holton will come out tough and will not give up. Our shooting skills are not the best so we will work stronger in other areas and will not let them get down the court without a man guarding them.” 

Hall said he knows that the team is not the strongest at shooting but believes if they can get turnovers and guard Holton well then this will be a good game for them.

Hall said, “This will be a game with a lot of mistakes but the game will go to the team who can learn and work off of there mistakes.”