The Dark Harbor

Katelyn Ramos

  Now not everyone knows of the Queen Mary ship, in Long Beach, California, but you soon will know of it.

  It at one point was a cruise liner, for 3 years, only the best of the best could be able to say they had walked on her decks as she flew over the ocean, as she was the fastest ship at the time. But I did say 3 years, that is a super short time to be a cruise ship, after her first 3 years her name was no longer the Queen Mary, it was the Gray Ghost, and she was then a World War II troopship. She carried thousands of soldiers to Australia. 

  She made the world breaking records for many things, including being the first ship to ever carry 10,000 people at once, then breaking her own record with being the first to carry more than 16,000. She saw many deaths in her war days, even accidentally running over a British Curacao, a light cruiser that was in front of the queen to protect her but at to slow speed, killing 338 men, from a total crew of 439 when splitting the tiny ship straight in half.

  After the war had ended, she was permanently docked in Long Beach and repainted to her normal cruise liner colors. After the war and the Curacao accident, she was not in a condition to ride nor drive. She was turned into a 5-star hotel ship, with that came reports of hauntings. And with that, I give you my report.

  For years there have been reports of young girls that played in the pool room and other decks, who over time gained names, Jackie and Shara. They seemed to act as close friends with Shara being more protective of one of the two, she seemed to like hiding and spooking random guests. While Jackie being the young child she was, she just wanted to play. 

  I went to this ship knowing of the haunting stories and chilling deaths, with my brother, not the best choice but I trust my brother more than myself so. I brought my father’s old voice recorder as well as an EMF detector and static meteor. My brother brought his camera and a few flashlights. I am a lot smarter at ghost things than math or reading, so my brother made me do all the talking to ghost stuff. I asked simple questions that a ghost hunter should ask, with a few unique questions related to the ship and its history. I kept getting responses, short answers but very intelligent. I decided to bring out a little plush I keep on myself for good luck on these type of exploring missions, and place it on the floor, hoping it was Jackie or Shara.

  A few moments later the plush fell down and seemed to move forward an inch or so. I was a little scared but I know you can’t show fear because they feed off of it, my brother on the other hand nearly wet himself, not like he is a human version of a truck or anything. I calmed him down and continued my investigation. Jackie seemed to enjoy my brother’s fear, because the plush moved again, more violent this time, which surprised me but I knew it was because of my brother.  She seemed to just want to play so I repeated the playful gestures I was doing earlier. She kept giving good answers to us and I was happy with was I had captured and finished the investigation. With a simple goodbye and see you soon to who I thought was Jackie we walked away. And when I was turning around to close the door behind me, I saw a perfect figure of a little girl in the same place I just was looking back at me and smiled, waving bye. It was actually Shara. And with a smile back she was gone.