Urban Legend

Alison Fischer

  It happened on a cold December night, and the empty Bed and Breakfast sat quiet on the top of the hill. My sister’s boss’s daughter was performing her nightly duties as a maid. The rooms were empty, but she always had a feeling she wasn’t alone. As the sound of the vacuum roared to life, the cord quickly snapped out of the socket. Riley was confused, but too tired to fuss, and went to plug the vacuum back in. As she leaned down, she got chills. It was cold by this corner of the room, and she could see her own breath rise into the air. As she continued her duties, she realized as the bathrooms were being cleaned, she ran out of cleaner. 

  Riley hated the dark closet that led up to the attic. Something was weird about that jankity staircase that led up to complete darkness. As she slowly reached for the light, it flickered on. She crept up the stairs, and before she reached the top, a dark figure appeared out of the shadows. She shrugged it off, telling herself it was just her imagination. Before she reached the top of the stairs, there was a loud BOOM behind her, and the door to the attic slammed shut, locking behind her. She looked back towards where the figure had been standing, and the lights shattered completely, leaving her in the darkness with glass surrounding her. She screamed and screamed, but there was no one there to save her. 

  In the morning, the new guests checked into the Bed and Breakfast. Watching the security cameras over and over again, no one could determine what had happened the chilling night before, not even the Police could explain it. There was no one there to save her… People that stay there to this day, claim that they hear a girl screaming in the middle of the night, knocking and clawing at the door, begging for a way out, and sounds of the vacuum can still be heard running at odd hours till this day. No one ever found out what happened to Riley… she just vanished into thin air… leaving behind nothing but the sounds of terror from the night she went missing.