Stull Kansas

Kyrianna Hielscher

  Her parents told her to never open your mind in stull Kansas for it was one of the gateways to hell, to bad she didn’t listen.

  My name is Alice, the date was November second, 2012, at the time I lived in Overbrook Kansas. I was always sensitive to supernatural happenings. My parents warned me about going to Stull, they told me to never open my mind there.

  My older brother Peyton who was 18 at the time (I was 16) came by the house and he asked me if I wanted to go on a little road trip. I said yes, we hopped into his 2002 black ford escape that smelled of coffee and old fries. He leaned over and turned on the radio, the station was an alternative station but I didn’t recognize most of the songs.

  Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the Stull church. I felt uneasy and fearful of the church even though my brain told me I had no reason to be scared. Peyton begged me to go into the church with him; I told him no, but then he called me a chicken. After that statement, I had to prove my brother wrong. 

  I had heard rumors of the church being possessed by the Devil himself, which is why it was abandoned.  We went up the old cement steps. We stood there motionless. I could hear trees rustling and leafs moving on the ground. It was silent though, there were no people walking about, no birds and no cars running. I shook it off told myself the silence was normal since it was 11:05 at night on a Thursday. My brother and I pushed open the doors, but they didn’t creak, they were silent. My brother looked down at me and gave me a confused look.

  We walked into the church, but it wasn’t pitch black as you would expect. It was lit with candlelight, the candles, in fact, looked fresh. Everything in the church was covered in dust and smelled of stale dusty air. As we approached the altar we could see a giant hole in the center of the floor. I turned and looked at my brother, he had practically turned white with fear. He was trembling and his eyes were tearing up. My brother was tall and skinny and had curly hair, I had never seen him so scared before.

  I approached the hole and grabbed an old hymn book that was sitting on a church pew, I sat down and dropped it in the hole. I sat there for nearly five minutes and it was silent, there was no end to the hole. Then I heard something drop to the ground behind me, I jumped. I turned around to look, it was my brother who had remained motionless for so long I forgot he was there. He had passed out from locking his knees and cutting off blood flow. I looked back at the hole, but there was no hole, just floor, and the hymn was sitting there facing away from me.

  I looked up and there was a face staring back. I felt so scared I fell back onto my hands, my right hand got cut open on an old nail sticking out of a church pew. The figure was tall had dark shoulder-length hair pale skin, blue eyes, and was wearing a black suit. He had a ring of purple bruises around his neck. He stretched out his hand and said everything was ok. All of a sudden I felt calm and safe, I grabbed his hand and he started to pull me up. He walked me over to where the middle of the hole used to be and he told me to let go of the rope.

  I was confused and looked down at my hand and there was a rope in hands and the rope was tied around me in such a fashion that when I looked down it was holding me over the hole. I tried to scream but I couldn’t so I just yelled no, he got angry and cut the rope with a large knife, I fell down but I landed on hardwood flooring. I looked around even more confused the hole wasn’t there it would appear and disappear. I then heard something start to drop but stopped. I heard a creaking and swinging noise above me. I looked up but there was just a rope swinging above me.

  I screamed and all the candles blew out, then I heard a voice faintly say “you could have been free, it was all going to be okay.”

  I rushed to my brother’s side and woke him up. We got out to the car and as I was getting in I looked at the window of the church and saw a figure. I drove us home that night and told my brother what happened after he passed out. He urged me to call the cops about what happened.

  I didn’t find it necessary to bring the authorities into it but I went ahead and called. I gave the police a description of what the figure looked like.  They went and searched the church only to find the deceased body of the man I had seen. They told me he was murdered by the demons who possess the church they said that he was strangled. That night haunts me forever, every night I have nightmares about that place. I always have a strange longing to go back to the church, it’s like it calls out to me.