Four wheels and Freedom

Blake Harris

A first car is a big deal, but a new car is an even bigger deal. High school students all over the country are constantly receiving cars to transport themselves, and the entire luggage that comes with being a high school student around. The bags filled with practice clothes, and the dry cleaned notables dresses, to the maximum amount of people you can fit in a car at one time to go to on that Sonic run, high school cars take a toll.

From Volkswagen Beetles to Chevy Tahoe’s, the Holton High School parking lot has seen it all. Many students take what they afford from their earnings from their minimum wage jobs, some take the hand-me-downs from older siblings, and some get brand new ones right off the lot. Junior, Breanna Teter is an example of that. For her 17th birthday her parents bought her a 2012 Fiat 500 pop

“One of my favorite part’s is the color,” said Teter. The green machine zips around from the owner’s home, to school, and to work. The average driver spends 2,000 dollars on gas per year, luckily foreigners really know how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to filling up the tank. “My Fiat gets 40 [miles] to the gallon,” Teter said.

Some would say that a car a Fiat’s size is unpractical and a waste of money; however Teter has a counterargument for the haters. “I can park anywhere now because it’s smaller, it’s great for my personal size, too!” said Teter. “The trunk is a good size, so I can store everything I need to.”

“It is a really good car, and I plan on having it for college and onward. As of right now I never want to get read of it, its perfect for me in everyway!” Teter said. College takes quite a bit of highway miles traveling to and from the campus, the great gas mileage and size will be very efficient during that time.

“The most difficult part about it was learning to drive stick shift.” Teter said. Many students drive manual vehicles, however drivers that has to learn how after being used to automatic and sometimes be difficult.

“It’s the only car I was in love with and I didn’t want to waste my money on a car that wasn’t my “dream” car for college!” Teter said.