Capture Reality

Brooklyn Klahr, Online Editor

This is a response to the film “Frame by Frame” that the HHS Journalism class along with 499 other schools throughout the nation had the opportunity to watch and take part in. This film touched on the topic of the real risk that photojournalists take everyday.


Every single cell on this planet is buzzing with life, creating millions of moments that we are unknowingly looking over. Some of these are brilliant experiences, a child’s first step, the first flower blooming out of the depths of the frosted ground, the look of pure joy and terror as the second grader looses their first tooth. On the other hand, some of these happenings are best to be left untouched, to try our very hardest to forget. That’s when a photojournalist must take a stand against the human morals that are so deeply engraved into our brain. They must “use photography to light up the dark corners of reality”.

All of these horrible events that we try to close our eyes and count to three in hopes that they would disappear, they are looking at through a lens with tears in their eyes. A child being torn away from their father as the soldiers take him away, an elderly woman slowly starving to death, the horrors could go on forever.

Photojournalists have taken their passion they were born with, and turning it into something they know can change the world. They knew that without making the decision to click the shutter down, there would be no chance of these crippling moments to be known. The world would continue on with it’s monotonous whirring of chaos and no would ever truly understand what all this life is. They use the technology they have fought to be able to keep, as a way of translation.

There are 6,500 languages in this world, but there is only one language that is able to reach every corner of Earth, and that is photography. It won’t matter what experiences you have, and how wealthy you are, or where you came from, everyone will comprehend the language. Photojournalists are changing this world, one photo at a time. Now is the perfect time to look for the moments that the world is ignoring, and to change the world with them.