Spring Break fever

Creative Commons via Flickr

Emma Gilliland, Online Editor

As winter comes to an end and the sun starts to shine, students begin to dream about spring break activities. The break is popular among students as it is the time to take a vacation from a busy high school lifestyle. From homework, band, sports, clubs, and jobs, students have no problem staying busy.

“Homework, basketball, and any social things I want to do take up all my time! But break is great because I have that extra time just to relax. Plus, my birthday falls on break so that’s nice.” sophomore, Shay Tanking said.

Recently, NYU did a survey of high school students and nearly 51% of the students reported feeling stressed and tired from school. Whether you are traveling to the beautiful beaches or staying at home, spring break is important to the mental health of students.

“It’s a week that I don’t have to worry about homework and can use the extra time to catch up on my sleep and netflixing,” senior, Anne Bowser said.

With a week of rest and relaxation, this energizes students to finish out the school year strong. March 14th through the 18th are the designated days for this year’s spring break.