March brings seniors stress for money

With graduation approaching at a blistering speed, seniors are bombarded with scholarships. At the beginning of the month, seniors received a list of all the possible local scholarships that they can apply for. This brings about “March Madness” of sorts because seniors are trying to get scholarships done by the April 1 deadline.

The local scholarships have a variety of stipulations. There are scholarships for just females, specific majors, and GPA requirements. There are plenty of other requirements not listed.

“I really appreciate these scholarships because even the chance of getting money for college is better than nothing at all,” Karl Wilhelm, senior, said. “I plan to apply for every scholarship I possible can and am going to devote all of my free time to them.”

Most of the scholarships require an essay, transcript, and recommendation letters. Some even require resumes. This can be a lot of work for students, but some will be rewarded with the scholarship.

“I’ve already applied for some scholarships. This has made realize that scholarships take more time then expected. I’ve found it is important to pace my self. If I do get the scholarships, it will definitely be worth all the work and trouble that I went through,” Kelcie Matousek, senior, said.