Sports Figures During COVID-19

  Athletes are pretty talented when it comes to whatever sport they play but with the sports world on lockdown, what are these athletes doing? Sports figures all over are letting us know what they’ve been up to.

  Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry has been on his golf game but with trick-shots. He’s been setting up cups in his home and videoing himself chipping a ball into them to pass the time. Willson Contreras, a Chicago Cubs catcher, has been in his driveway having his brother shoot Nerf ammunition towards him to hit with a bat to stay in the game. Some stars are pushing themselves to stay in shape like Serge Ibaka of the Toronto Raptors who has been helping people stay motivated to work out. Atlanta Hawks stat Trae Young posted a video of himself on twitter shooting socks into a laundry basket possibly to make up for his incredibly average three-point contest loss. A lot of NBA players have been streaming while this has happened including Josh Hart, Devin Booker, Meyers Leonard, and Luka Doncic.

  It’s been a crazy world without sports, but athletes around the world have been finding a way to make the best of the situation to keep pushing on through.