NFL Free Agency Begins

After the end of the NFL season comes one of the most important events of the year: free agency. This year, like every other year, will potentially have some huge ramifications for all the teams in the league. 

To do a team by team list of aquisitions and losses would turn this article into a 4 page paper. So to help keep it short, I will just be naming some of the most surprising and important moves in free agency. 

DeAndre Hopkins has been an unstoppable force for the Texans for the past 7 seasons. That’s going to be changing however, because the Cardinals got away with highway robbery for Hopkins by only giving up David Johnson and a second and fourth round pick. Now another big wide reciever move was made by the Bills who picked up Stefan Diggs and a seventh, the Vikings star reciever, and a seventh round pick for a first round, fifth round, and sixth round pick as well as a 2021 fourth round pick. 

The Rams made a surprise decision by announcing that they were releasing Todd Gurley. Gurley ended up signing with Atlanta, who now can have a full starting offense of former first round picks. Derrick Henry proved he was worthy of getting paid after his stunning postseason stats but got franchise tagged by the Titans so they could avoid paying him. 

Now for the big ones: the quarterbacks. Teddy Bridgewater is finally back to being a starting quarterback and signed with the Panthers this offseason. Thats great news for Bridgewater, but former starter Cam Newton has still failed to be signed by a team yet. Quite possibly the most surprising thing that is former New England Patriot legend Tom Brady would be leaving the Patriots for Tampa Bay. Again, good news for Brady, but Jameis Winston, who had the most passing yards but also the most interceptions in the 2019 season, is still not signed to another team. 

Free agency is always a crazy time, but this year it may just shake up the league a little bit more than usual.