Lights Shine Bright in Remembrance of 2020 Spring Sports

  The lights shined bright on Friday, April 10th all over the state. The last of this school semester was taken from the students because of COVID-19. Most importantly, it impacted seniors. No last trip, no dance, no prom, so many things stripped from them. Probably the biggest thing that struck home to a lot of seniors was spring sports. All spring sports were canceled, leaving the seniors with zero closure of something they dreamed about since they were little kids. In honor of the lost season and what could’ve been, schools turned on all sports facility lights to show that they see the pain, and are there for the seniors. The lights were turned on at 8:20, which in military time is 20:20, the graduation year of the seniors. The seniors could look at the lights and look back at the great memories, friendships, and families built. They could feel the magical moments one last time before the lights would turn off again, giving the last look of what could’ve been.