Two movies worth viewing

The Dark Knight and Red Tails. These two movies are in my Top 10 of movies. They are both action movies and they keep the audience on the edge of your seat the whole movie. The most recent one I watched is The Dark Knight.

Dark Knight is a Batman movie. The Joker and the mob are trying to destroy the city of Gotham and figure out who the real man is under the mask. Batman is always at the scene and helps the whole city. The Joker keeps killing people and blowing stuff up unless Batman shows his face. Batman decides not too and tries to get The Joker by himself. Batman ends up catching him and gets him in jail but The Joker has set up a bomb to blow up and he escapes. The Batman and The Joker meet up once again at the end. Batman never catches him but kills one of the Joker’s allie, Harvey Dent. It’s ironic because the Joker destroyed Dent’s life and body and then Dent ends up joining The Joker at the end. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this movie an 8. It’s a really good movie and it’ s a type of movie that can be watched over and over again.

The second movie is Red Tails. This movie is about a bunch of African-American fighter pilots that want to go on missions but the army won’t let them. They fight and finally start to go on missions because they prove they are better pilots than the Caucasian pilots.

It’s an action movie but it does get sad. It made me tear up because there are five pilots and they’re with each other throughout the whole movie so they’re like brothers. One of the pilots gets shot down and doesn’t make it. I wasn’t expecting them to kill off one of the main characters. This movie is so good. It’s in my top 3. I can watch this movie every day and that’s why I’m giving it a perfect 10 out of 10. It has a good theme and explains what it’s probably like in the war and what it was like in the old days where African-Americans didn’t get the same rights as the Caucasians.

To summarize it, these two movies are great and I suggest both. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite out of these two it would probably be Red Tails. Just because it’s in the war era and there is a lot more action in the movie. It shows how close people get in the war and they act like a family.