Book Thief steals readers’ hearts

   The Book Thief is a beautiful and heartbreaking tale told by an unlikely narrator, Death. In the book, which takes place during the Second World War, readers are introduced to Death’s sometimes-poetic views of life and the war, and his peculiar fascination with a young girl named Liesel. By using Death’s narrative, author Markus Zusak masterfully creates a story that will leave a place in your heart.


   In a society where books are banned, Liesel Miminger boards a train with her brother to a better home with the Hubbermann’s. On the ride there Death comes in and takes Liesel’s brother away from her. Upon attending the funeral, Liesel takes a book, The Grave Diggers Handbook, after it’s been dropped onto the snow, leading her to take almost every book she can. Hans Hubberman, her foster father, teaches her how to read every night, which gives her a deep and compelling love for books. By attending Nazi book burnings or the mayor’s wife’s library, Liesel is determined to have any book she can get her hands on. 


   When her foster-family hides a Jew named Max in their basement to keep a promise to a man who saved her foster fathers, Hans Hubbermann’s, life during the First World War, Liesel and Max immediately befriend each other. Max then writes two short stories and gives them to Liesel as a token of their friendship. But after her foster father publicly gives bread to a Jew being carried away to concentration camp, Max is forced to leave their basement and find a new place to hide. With the mindset of everything being okay Liesel sees her best friend being taken away to a concentration camp and her foster dad being drafted into the military within a blink of an eye. Now, losing hope, Liesel starts writing the story of her life piling on all the bad things that are happening around her.  


   The Book Thief is a “life-changing” book that will make you cry, laugh, and think about your life in a completely different way. You won’t regret reading it.