The Host

Television screens are filled with the trailer for the new movie The Host. It is going to be released this coming Friday. Some might not know that it is based off of a book that Stephanie Meyer wrote, also called The Host.

The book starts out with an alien soul being put into a human. It shows that this is a special case because the teenage girl was defiant in having the alien be put in her. Most of the humans on Earth had let the aliens enter their body and take over. There is now only a handful of actual humans left on Earth that hide from the aliens. Since the human, Melanie, was defiant, she stayed in her body even though the alien, Wanda, took complete control of it.  This is scary for Wanda because she has always had complete control and the former owner would disappear.  Even though all of this happened, Wanda finds herself liking Melanie and begins to love the ones she loves.

In this book there is never a dull moment. The characters are always faced with a new conflict or adventure. The people you thought were the enemy sometimes change and become a friend. It is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action packed stories along with a good romance on the side.