Breaking Dawn Part Two

The most recent Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part Two, came out yesterday and shocked viewers. With its realistic action scenes and the romance it was hard not to love this movie. Bella Cullen finally was a vampire just like she had always dreamed. Edward Cullen was even more in love with his newborn wife. Together they shared their love for their new daughter Renesmee. It was all going great until they found out the Vulturi was after them, the leaders of the vampire population. In a hope to save Renesmee the Cullen family call all of their friends. They hope if they get enough people to stand beside them that the Vulturi will stop and listen. In all this chaos Bella finds out that she has a special power, being a shield. This means that she is immune to everyone else’s powers and that she can widen her shield to protect the others. This will come in handy when the Volturi come.  I think this movie was the best well acted so far. It was a great ending to it all although it might make you sad that the saga is finally over.