Coloring in Quarantine

  All teenagers need something that helps them destress, especially in the times we are going through currently.  When you think of coloring, children probably come to mind.  In recent years though, ‘adult coloring’ has become popular.  In 2015, millions of people over the world began to pursue one of their childhood activities yet again, but this time there was a different motive.  These adult coloring books come in varieties for everyone.  You can get books with very simple designs or very complex patterns.  They can have patterns of nature or even patterns from popular books or TV.  

  With the rise in popularity of coloring, scientists had interests in what it did for the mind.   Over the years, they found that coloring had many more benefits for the mind than was originally believed.  Some of these include reducing stress and anxiety, improving motor skills and vision, and improving sleep and focus.

  Coloring has the same effects as meditating and relaxes the fear center of your brain.  It activates both hemispheres of your brain while using logic and creativity simultaneously.  If coloring before bed, it is a much better alternative than using electronics that have harmful lights.  It engages your frontal lobe, which controls organization and problem-solving.

  Some students at HHS have taken up coloring as a new hobby while being quarantined.

  “I really enjoy coloring because it helps me to wind down after a long day and there are coloring books for everyone out there,” senior Bailey Flewelling said.  In conclusion, coloring is not just for kids.