What age is too young for technology?

Madi Kennedy

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My parents always told me I would never get a phone until I turn 16. I was 14 when I got my first phone. iPhones these days are becoming more popular and more advanced. There are children under the age of 10 that have iPhones when they don’t need them. More toddlers and young kids spend most of their time on their phones or iPads. Kids should learn to not rely on their phones.

Kids’ lives are starting to revolve around technology. During school they can become distracted thinking about playing on their iPads or iPhones. They are so used to being on technology that they forget about everything else. Teens also rely on their phones for everything.   If they need to know something they automatically go to their phone to look it up which takes less knowledge. Teens also use their phones to cheat on homework or tests so teachers are now taking phones away.

Technology can ruin sleep schedules. Kids say they are going to bed at a decent time but they end up playing on their phones for so long that they don’t go to bed until late at night. Overuse of technology can also give kids tendonitis causing pain in the fingers, neck and back. This is due to poor posture from bending over to look at the screen and using fingers to play games.   Kids can become stressed and unproductive talking and playing on phones instead of being productive.

Sitting in the couch playing on their phones all day doesn’t teach kids to have ambition. iPhones are no doubt extremely helpful for our daily lives. There are many apps to help children learn skills like reading and strategic skills from games. Many teachers use technology to help students learn and teach their class. Young teens who can’t drive, can communicate with their parents. Phones can also be used for communicating with friends and keeping touch with old friends. Many car crashes and deaths are caused by teens texting and driving. In order to prevent kids spending to much time on their phones kids can spend more time playing outside. Teachers can’t rely on using technology so much when teaching classes. This generation of kids will never know what its like to grow up in a technology free world.

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