Life skills more important than mere test scores

Kinsley Watkins

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Some child development experts are now becoming concerned that young children and students are not learning the education and skills that they need to succeed later in life. Parents are becoming more and more worried when their kids come home from school and don’t seem to have learned anything that is necessarily important.

Some schools are focusing too much on academic performance and test scores and not as much on developing life skills such as self-control, motivation, and focus. Life skills are far more important and better predictors of long term success rather than high test scores. Lower test scores could possibly affect how the students think about themselves and also how others think about them.

When adults think about raising children they should think about having a successful 35-year-old not about whether or not they had an A in algebra while they were in high school.

One strategy is to teach children that easier things in life may not always be the best. Sometimes taking the harder path is more beneficial to your self and also to others. This could also tell people a lot about their goals and interests later on in life. Subjects that they enjoy and excel in would probably become their primary focus of their careers. Some believe that subjects that are challenging and uninteresting are just something that you have to get past.

In school students do learn academic skills that they will need if they are going to later get a job or go to college. Schools should be more focused on teaching young children life skills that they will use everyday for the rest of their lives instead of standardized testing.

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