If cell phone use isn’t distracting, it should be permitted

Cameron Smith

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For years the fight between student and teachers over cell phone use in class has been an issue. Students will do anything they can to try to sneak a quick text or send a Snapchat without being seen by a teacher. Teachers, on the other hand, are always on the look out for students with their phones out in class. Recently, teachers have been using all kinds of innovative ways to discourage the use of cell phones in class.

Some of their methods are to have the students turn their phones off and to put their phones in cubbies as they enter the class. All of these methods will lower the use of cell phones in class. As a student, I believe that if there is work that needs to be done or if it is distracting other students then the cell phone needs to be put away, but I also believe that if you are walking the halls or have spare time then it is okay to be on your cell phone.

I am not alone on this. Many other students also believe that the rules and policies on cell phone use can be quite strict at times. Not all but most of the school’s teachers are very strict on cell phone use and this can result in a lot of conflict; this is why I believe that if it’s not a distraction or a bad time to have a phone out then cell phone use should not be a problem.

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