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School custodians treat locker room infestation

Brady Boswell, Journalism 1 Reporter

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Some students would say that the school is not very clean. From personal experience, I’ve seen roaches in the locker room.

I think that the cause of this infestation is that kids leave stinky, sweaty clothes in the locker rooms for days and even weeks at a time. Another reason for the insects and rodents could be that they are attracted to the trash and crumbs from after the games. One time after morning practice we were all standing around in the circle and coach was talking when a mouse ran across the floor on the other side and we all just watched it. Our coach thought it was pretty fun.

So far the school has tried putting little black roach traps in the locker room and I think that they catch a few but the problem is definitely still a big one. I think most students are informed of this issue but a few aren’t.

“We have kids who bring in half-eaten candy bars and sweaty clothes who leave them there for 20 years,” freshman Aaran McAllister.

The school has regular sprays that come to try to exterminate the bugs. Usually we have about four custodians most days but sometimes we can be down to just one. Many students think that it’s not our job to make sure we don’t have bugs or rodents in our locker rooms. But, on the other hand, we can make sure we bring our clothes home every week and clean up after each other.

After I talked to Principal. Wittmer, he came to the class and told me to get a camera. He told me to go downstairs to the locker rooms and watch treatment being made. I went down to the locker rooms and saw the custodians using these little tubes of cockroach killer. I was very surprised at how fast treatment was made and I’m glad that they are trying to fix this.

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School custodians treat locker room infestation