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HHS renovates auditorium

Adalee Degenhardt, Journalism 1 Reporter

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Over the last few months several changes around Holton High School have occurred. The biggest change is the renovation of the auditorium. Over the years small additions have been made such as new curtains, updated lighting, and a new sound system including new speakers.

This year major changes such as a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, and brand new seating have been installed. This is a good improvement for our musicals and plays so our auditorium looks much nicer. Over the past few years, there have been many recommendations from people on how to improve our auditorium. Not only is this the place where we hold school events, it also is where Studio 1 holds their annual dance recital.

Although students and teachers are very excited for the renovations that have been done to our auditorium, some are concerned about the seating. The new seats are much wider than the old ones, so there are fewer seats. Freshman Savanna Booth, dancer of Studio 1, says that she is concerned for when recital rolls around that there won’t be enough seats to hold everyone for the event.

“Last year was crowded enough and now that we have fewer seats, I’m not sure how it’s going to work out,” said Booth.

Although the auditorium, looks beautiful and up to date, events that occur in the auditorium might have to schedule more show times for people to come see. In this way, seating won’t be too much of an issue, for there will be more shows for people to come watch. The renovation of the auditorium was a good improvement for our school because now more presentations and assemblies for our entire school can be held in the auditorium’s nice surroundings, instead of the gym.

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HHS renovates auditorium