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“New Year, New Me”

Blake Harris, Editorial Edit

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A common testimony many will hear while ringing in the New Year is “new year, new me.” All around the world people make resolutions to better themselves. Some are to be fun, like walking dogs once a week at the Humane Society; while others are set in place to strictly follow, like a stern diet and exercise plan.

The concept of New Year resolutions to better yourself in one way or another is a great idea for everyone. Taking a chance to better yourself is harmless and can really improve your health and sanity.

Whether resolutions are made for fun or for a major self-improvement, if those who make them and choose to follow them should be praised. Self-discipline is a virtue and not everyone has it. The few individuals who can make changes and continue to follow the resolutions can only improve help themselves in the long run and will end up as better people, whether that be with others or with themselves.

Those who don’t decide to make New Year’s resolutions normally think they are useless. However, New Year’s Resolutions are a great ritual that has been carried on for many reasons.

New Year’s resolutions are beneficial for people of all ages. Everyone should give it a try once or twice in his or her lifetime. Even if changing it a tad to make it a little more comfortable to follow is what has to happen, trying is all you can do to start. Also keep in mind that it’s never too late in the year to start to start a resolution for yourself!

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“New Year, New Me”