Is Modern Culture Ruining Childhood?

Emma Wittmer

Kids will still remain kids; there will be endless sleepovers, bike rides, and birthday parties. However, as new technology says hello, play dates say goodbye.

Parents are providing cell phones to their kids at an early age all the time. My brother and I did not receive a cell phone until we entered high school; it was ridiculous to wait that long, but to get a cell phone in fifth grade or yet even earlier is absurd. Once your child enters seventh grade and they participate in clubs and sports, it is completely understandable that they get a cell phone.

Kids’ eyes lighting up when the opportunity comes to go to the park, the pure joy of riding a bike up and down the street, and the ever so imaginative games that kids make up to play, as a babysitter you get to see all of these first hand. Babysitting will give you the opportunity to go back to your childhood; you may even get to play Barbie’s with the girls! My mind is blown away when the kids tell me the games they want us to play; their imaginations are beyond anything I could think up today. However, along with creativity, there are many times when I cannot pull the kids away from their iPads or phones.

Modern culture is spoiling this generation’s childhood. While technology creates advantages in life, it also takes us away from simple living, creative play, and physically connecting with others. Consider managing the child’s time on electronics or having restrictions on cell phones until mature behavior is noticed and set-aside time to be a kid.