Pop-Punk band Panic! At The Disco releases best album yet



Brooklyn Klahr, Online Editor


On January 15, 2016, the world suddenly became a much more jammin’ place. Panic! At The Disco’s long awaited album Death of a Bachelor was released on Fueled by Ramen and DCD2. This album is composed of 11 brilliant songs, all with their own style, but still all perfectly fitting into the category of “pop-punk”.

This album is a tribute to the one and only Frank Sinatra, whose one-hundredth birthday took place this year. The first song released on the album  titled “Hallelujah” was a wonderful blend of electric beats and amazing vocals by the one and only Brendon Urie.

“This album is the best from Panic. Brendon did so well putting it together himself. I love each track, but my favorite song would have to be ‘House of Memories,'” freshman Taylor Stevens said.

Though this is Panic! At the Disco’s fifth album to be released, it was difficult to produce. This album was unlike any other. In an interview with Alt 98.7 Urie revealed that Death of a Bachelor would be a bit different.

“It’s this mix between Sinatra and Queen, if that makes sense…Every time we do a new album, for me, it’s always evolving and changing in the best way.  There’s going to be a new energy live.”

Whether you’re looking for songs to sing along with, songs to jam to, or songs to cry about, Death of a Bachelor is a perfect fit. The album is now available for download on iTunes for $9.99, and is worth every penny.