Is Cheer a Sport?

Is Cheer a Sport?

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Gracie Frakes, Assistant Online Editor

Many people have been having small talk about if cheer is a sport. Many people could argue both ways. Fellow students at Holton High School have different opinions about cheer. Lately there have been a lot of arguments about it. Many disagree that cheer is a sport. But all together agree that Holton High cheer squad is not a sport.

“A sport is defined as a physical act that requires competition. Holton High cheer squad does work hard and does practice to hype up the crowd, but lacks the competition aspect,” sophomore Sarah Lierz says.

Many students can agree that an activity is a sport when there are teams playing against each other. Like volleyball and football, there are two teams and those two teams compete against each other to get the win. The cheer squad at Holton High tries to get the crowd pumped for the team, but don’t compete against anyone.

“ We practice just like everyone else and we go to every event,” senior Maggie Pruitt says.

The Holton High cheer squad does practice at least once a week, went to cheer camp, and went to a stunting class during the summer. The cheerleaders wanted to come back this year and surprise the crowd.

“At the school, I don’t think it’s a sport, but if the boys saw the girls that go to nationals, they would rethink their thoughts,” Pruitt says.

People will agree that a cheerleader that got to nationals and compete is a sport. Many schools’ cheer squad that goes to nationals. Holton High hasn’t done that before, but no one is saying that Holton will never do that in the future. Captain Maggie Pruitt and Captain Sarah Sweet have been trying to lead this years new cheer squad into bigger obstacles to get better.

They have 7 o’clock practice in the morning to practice new cheers that they will be doing the next day at the football game. Then practice previous stunts and then try to do new challenging stunts.

The American Medical Association says cheerleading should be considered a sport, because of its risks. The nation’s largest doctors’ group adopted that as policy in Chicago. Cheerleading definitely fulfill the definition of a sport, maybe even better than other activities commonly called sports. Many people don’t realize how much hard work cheerleaders have to put in themselves to be able to do flips and tumbles. Also it isn’t easy for people to throw a hundred pound or more person in the air and be able to catch them.