Students settling down for summer

Lately, there has only been one thing on students’ minds: summer.

With the school year coming to a close there has been less and less energy to get school responsibilities done. Everyone seems to be working in slow motion and senioritis is spreading like wild fire throughout the whole school. Procrastination is sailing to an all time high while grades are reaching their all time low. Sooner or later students will be depending on finals to raise their grades.

This disease cannot be killed off by a simple dose of antibiotics. The only way this level of laziness could end is for summer to begin. So how do students go on with these next two months without completely eliminating chances of passing classes with parent-approving grades?

It’s simply impossible.

Students must push through the impossible and decrease the amount of stress that could potentially result. That means homework must be done on time and turned in. Students have to actually use their time wisely, and if they do not, then the assignments will pile on top of each other creating a mountain full of tension and pressure.

To top everything off, most students play spring sports. With the school year almost over and with all the homework, finals, and sports, students couldn’t be more pressured to slack off and barely hold on until summer arrives.

There’s really nothing left to do, but to hold on as long as you can, grit your teeth and do the work, and hope you get out alive.