Teachers gossip like students

Too often teachers say things in public classrooms that they shouldn’t. Some things about a student’s life are supposed to be private but some teachers think it’s okay to tell other students about it.
One of the main causes of teachers knowing things are from their TA’s or just students they have a personal relationship with. They get personal information about home or love life. Sometimes if that particular student leaves the room or skips a day of class, the teacher will ask the other students if it’s because of that private reason. This leaks out that information to the other students when they shouldn’t know it in the first place.
Teachers often talk about others grades in front of other students as well. They tell them in front of others that they need to study or do more work so they’re no longer failing or no longer have a bad grade in the class.
These two things are not okay and should never happen. I know that teachers gossip and it’s a small town so eventually people are going to find out private information about students, but teachers telling other students or in front of other students is not okay. No teacher should be allowed to talk about another student. It needs to stop happening.