How the Coronavirus could affect summer

  At this time in life, many things are unknown. Nobody knows what the next day, week, or month looks like. Most of our lives are planned out well in advance, but many things are left unknown at this point due to Covid-19.

  Usually, school is let out at the end of May, and students either start their jobs off right away or their other activities will soon start. Here in Holton, summer activities for sports are a huge aspect of athlete’s lives. Summer weights and conditioning, camps, leagues, and practices are going on constantly throughout the summer. Now, the question is how will any of these activities be carried out while abiding by the restrictions that we have to follow?

  Already, many kids have continued their workouts from home and are finding a way to stay in somewhat of a normal routine, but without the availability of our facilities, these look very different. “My workouts have changed to more body weight lifting and exercises. I have been doing more sprints and long runs. Quarantine is a time when the playing field is even and fair, so I need to put in as much work as possible,” sophomore Slater Skaggs said.

  The summertime is when all sports teams are getting better, athletes are getting stronger, and teams are allowed to work together before the season comes. With these restrictions, none of this is possible at the moment, and we still don’t know whether or not sports in the summer or fall will be permitted, but we will all get through these tough times together.