Holton Scholars’ Bowl hosts January meet; JV takes second

Megan Lierz, Journalism 1 Reporter

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Holton High School Scholars Bowl hosted a meet, the Holton Invitational, on Thursday, January 19.  For both varsity and JV, a total of thirteen teams participated.

Coached by, Mike Spade, the varsity team did their best, but did not come out with a place.  They ended with three wins and two losses.

Spade said, “ They were really close to making finals, and I was super happy about that.”

The varsity team consists of junior Alexis Twombly, junior Michaela Adcock, and senior Eduardo Bertulfo. Maur Hill was the winner of the varsity meet.

The HHS JV team had a very successful night, placing second out of the twelve teams. The final round was a nail biter. The team had to answer three extra questions for a tiebreaker.  The JV team members are freshman Annika Bergstein, freshman Zach Binkley, sophomore Walker Sheldon, sophomore Grant Cawby, and sophomore Carissa Herd.  At the end of the night all of the team members were proud of the outcome.

Bergstein said, “I was sad that we lost, but extremely proud that we placed.  All of the hard work paid off.”

Three days a week, the Scholars Bowl teams have practice after school to help improve their skills.

“Even though Scholars Bowl may not be the most popular activity at HHS, us participants are dedicated to working hard and succeeding,” sophomore, Walker Sheldon said.

Varsity will have more meets in the future to continue learning.

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