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Freezer Meals for Families

Blake Harris, Editorial Editor

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A new class this year is stepping up the community service game at Holton High School. Leadership in Action is a course students on the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) track are offered. Students spent the semester long class planning and organizing several community service events.
One of the several events was a freezer meal sale. Teachers and staff at the high school were asked if they would be interested in purchasing premade meals that could be ready in no time. Many teachers expressed an interest, so the students along with the help of their FACS teacher Amy Oldehoeft began working on the project. “The freezer meals project had the most students involved,” said Oldehoeft. “They all really seemed to enjoy selecting different meals, preparing and testing the meals, and eventually selling them.”
The class selected different meals for the first round of sales. Chicken enchiladas, spaghetti pie, white chicken chili, and an assortment of pies were all options. Sophomore Faith Holaday was one of the many students involved with the project. “My favorite part was definitely getting to cook all the meals to see if they froze correctly.” Holaday said. “Luckily they did and we got to eat all the trial runs.”
Two students leaders took advantage of the opportunity and created a Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America (FCCLA) STAR Event out of the project that they were both involved in. Junior Blake Harris and Sophomore Jacee Barnes will compete in the Families First category at district STAR Events on February 1st. “The purpose of our project is for families to spend more time together.” Barnes said. “By giving families the option to buy premade meals it makes it easier to sit down at the table and eat as a family.”
The Leadership in Action class sold 31 meals during the first round of sales. They plan to have a second sale and open up the buying to all teachers in the district, not just those at the high school. All profits went

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Freezer Meals for Families