Holton KAY Club Participates in Feed A Bee Campaign

Holton KAY Club Participates in Feed A Bee Campaign

Brooklyn Klahr and Janae Skaggs

On April 22nd, the Holton KAY club joined together to teach elementary aged students about Earth Day, by showing them a campaign called “Feed A Bee”. The campaign focuses on students getting outside and planting flowers for the bees to pollinate. The KAY club introduced this concept to the children by teaching them an Earth Day song, in their sponsor Sheri Bartel’s music class. When the class was over, as the students left, they were each handed a packet of flower seeds.


“Theoretically, if all of the seeds sprouted, there could be over 8,000 flowers that come out of this projects, which is great news for bees, our lungs, our eyes, and our noses (unless you’re allergic to pollen and then your eyes and noses will be sad),” Said Alexandria Bontrager, KAY President.


The Holton KAY club in the past has been very diligent about shining a light on the great causes that many people overlook. Raising money for projects ranging anywhere from Veronica’s Voice, a safe haven for women and girls that have been sexually abused, to their most popular project “Socks of Love”. Which raised money to purchase socks, and hygiene products for the Topeka Rescue Mission.


“My favorite aspect of KAYs is that it is a club that is truly focused on service. Some of the clubs at the high school don’t do much for the community and exist more for student enjoyment. Alex is a great leader and plans some interesting and practical activities for us, and I wish that other clubs had as much initiative. I’ve been in KAYs since middle school, so I have a lot of great memories; one of my favorites was earlier this school year when we picked up cigarette butts around the Square and then went to Dairy Queen for refreshments,” said Abby Heitzman, senior.


Overall the Holton KAY club couldn’t be happier with everything they have accomplished together this school year. They are already anticipating the next year, and all of the service projects they will be able to work on together!