HHS students prepare for upcoming Winter Formal

Maleah Price, Assistant Feature Editor

The lights get low, the music gets loud, shoes come off and the dance begins. Every year, following the basketball game and the crowning ceremony, Student Council puts on a dance for all of the student body, called Winter Formal.

Girls flow into the commons area dressed in their sparkling dresses, to match their mood for the night. Boys come marching in, ties and all. After paying the three dollars and signing yourself in the doors lock and you are stuck dancing the night away.

“I love the dances, my favorite part is getting all dolled up with my friends,” freshman, Faith Holaday said.

The DJ flips on some cool tunes and everyone storms to the middle and begins dancing. The music varies from country line songs to the newest up-beat pop songs. Throwing your hands up and having a blast definitely makes the sweat come down. Many people have to take a break in-between songs to cool off and get a drink.

“About five minutes into the dance I start sweating like crazy! All girls should definitely bring a hair tie to throw your hair up, so you can keep on dancing,” sophomore, Emma Gilliland said.

Unfortunately the night comes to an end and the music must be turned off. After helping clean up the students file off of the dance floor and out to the parking lot. Not everyone goes home though, the popular tradition after dances is to drive down to Topeka and eat at IHOP with your friends.

“The best part about going to IHOP is the drive down there and the drive back with my closest friends! Someone grabs the aux and we begin our jam session,” junior, Courtney Boswell said.