TED Talk

Janae Skaggs, Assistant Feature Editor

Everyone has their own views on the world’s most debated subjects, as well as the least thought about specifics; TED Talks cover that and everything in between. TED was created in 1984 and then, it was an invitation only event in Monterey, California that covered technology, entertainment, and design. Today TED Talks are showed in many different areas and focus on well over 100 different topics. People of all different occupations that have very divergent outlooks give these presentations. TED Talks are meant to expand the human knowledge of all the superficial and genuine subjects and theories of the world.

Here in Holton one of our own Holton High School students, Maddie Foster, hosted a TED Talk at Penny’s the café, at which she works. This event took place on Monday, January 11th from 6:00-7:30 p.m. It was called TEDxHolton and consisted of 5 video lectures that ranged from six to nineteen minutes long.

“This was a totally free event to the public, unless they wanted to purchase coffee. More than anything, I wanted to reach as many people as possible and give the public a new opportunity to broaden their horizons,” Foster said.

Foster directed the conversations and mentioned that there was a nice discussion period at the end of the presentations. Questions from an educator’s perspective and about the creativity in schools came up and some gave good insight.

“I think they can be EXTREMELY powerful.  One specifically— I showed a talk over human trafficking at the event and it discussed how human trafficking is happening in the U.S. not just overseas like you see in the news, “ Foster said, “People like to close their minds off to these “bad” ideas and pretend that they don’t happen here, but they do.  Just this week, there was a human trafficking arrest in Wyoming.”

Foster had a great turnout, forty-two people attended. She plans to host more TED talks in the near future, hopefully live speakers rather than video presentations.

Foster speaks for herself and her employer, “I really enjoy TED Talks and so does my boss, Erin Lassey, and therefore we figured this could be a unique activity for the community to engage in.”