Holtonian finds new publisher

The Holton Recorder announced that their Monday, April 6, 2015 issue was the first of many to be published on a newspaper printing press not owned by them. This posed a problem for the Holtonian staff, which has always had the Recorder print their paper.

“We have appreciated their service throughout the years,” Karen Ford, journalism advisor, said. “However, I understand the need for papers to seek printing services elsewhere for cost-savings.”

The Recorder has been printing The Holtonian since 1918. The Beck family, who were supporters of Holton, owned the paper for over 100 years. They started printing the Holtonian to support the high school that their son attended.

“We had to change the format of the pages,” Paige DeLay, Holtonian co-editor, said.
“We also have to make sure everything is exactly on time.”

In the past, Ford would go to the Square and have the Recorder print the school paper, but now they must send it to a new publisher via PDF file. The new publisher that Ford and her HHS staff have turned to is School Paper Express in New York.

“The cost of sending the paper to New York will be comparable to what the Recorder charged,” Maddie Reith, Holtonian co-editor, said.

While Ford termed the change “ bittersweet,” the staff is adapting.

“A lot of times journalism involves problem solving,” Ford said. “I’m just glad we were able to find a publisher so that we may continue our paper.”