All Fools’ Day at Holton High

Stepping out of the car this morning you feel the warm sun on your face and the wind whipping your hair around while simultaneously carrying your peers’ laughter you hear in the distance. The laughter originated from close friends playing their best April Fools’ Day prank on each other. They are enjoying the most light-hearted day of the year.

“In sixth grade Lauren Leavendusky asked if I wanted a drink of her water and in her water bottle was perfume! It was the most disgusting thing and she was able to pull it off and do it to a few of our other friends. I still haven’t thought of something good enough to get her back with,” Abbie Lamme, sophomore, said.

Those girls aren’t the only ones making the most of the day. In middle school Kendall Raney and her class hid all of Mrs. Baumgartner’s expo markers.

“She looked and looked and could not find her markers. My class and I were very impressed with ourselves,” Raney said. “April first is one of my all time favorite days of the year because you can play jokes on people and its okay. Its even better when people don’t realize its April Fools’ Day.”