SAFE program looking to advance

Last year, Holton High School established a “SAFE” club. SAFE stands for “seatbelts are for everyone”.  This club is in place to assist teen drivers establish safe driving habits.

“This group’s mission is very well aligned with our SADD mission of advocating for harmless actions and is just one more way that we can encourage students to make safe decisions. The SAFE program also provides us with the money to raise this awareness and do these activities, so it is hard to say no,” said Debbie Harshaw, SAFE sponsor.

One of the main activities that SAFE operates is conducting routine seat belt checks. The SAFE members patrol the parking lots through the year and tracking who is or is not wearing their seatbelts. The attendants wear bright colored vests and treat it as though it were a real life traffic observation.

For the second time, SAFE students leave tonight to attend a statewide conference in order to better our program here.

“I am pretty excited to attend this conference so that we can bring back useful information that helps improve our SAFE program,” Emily McKinsey, junior, said.

The conference is being held in Wichita at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It will last two days and attendees are hopeful to bring back fresh ideas to better the program.