McAllister’s MashUp: A Farewell

Well folks, this is it. I write this with a heavy heart. This will the last ever edition of McAllisters MashUp. This is definitely not how I envisioned this being the last one. This has been a good run, but all good things must come to an end. I know that you the readers are probably just as sad as I am about this, but don’t be sad that it is over, be happy that it happened. I have enjoyed every minute of the last three years being the sports editor of this great publication. I struggled with ideas of what to write about in the last installment of this column. I decided the most fitting way to finish this chapter of my career would be to just take a step back and appreciate the great things that have happened over the last three years, as well as to thank some people who helped me along the way.

First off, let us take time to appreciate the Kansas City Chiefs winning a Super Bowl. This brought me the most pure feeling of joy I have ever felt in my entire life. I cried real tears of joy that day. From the moment I started following the Chiefs, I thought there might never be a time in which my team even made the big game, let alone win it.

Another one of the great things that happened over my time here was the obliteration of the Warriors dynasty. I had been telling people for years that the Warriors were frauds, and it was finally displayed when Fred VanVleet exposed the phony that is Stephen Curry. I have had no greater accomplishment than trashing Curry at every turn.

LeBron James continued his greatness during my run here. He carried lifeless teams to the NBA finals and truly cemented his legacy as the greatest over the last three years. There have been few honors greater than that of defending Lebron’s legacy.

I feel it is fitting to hand out one last Betty White Player of The Month award. While Riley Althauser is easily the most frequent recipient of the award, I feel like there is only one person who is deserving of the last award I will ever hand out. The final recipient of the BWPOTM award is Mrs. Karen Ford. She is the one who let me write this column in the first place. If you really think about it, all of my bad takes are her fault, for it is she who enabled me to publish them. Without her there would be no McAllisters MashUp, and it is up for you to decide if that was a good or bad thing.

It is now time to issue some much deserving thanks to the people who have made this possible. My first thanks are to my mentor, Mason Strader. He was the man who taught me everything I know about being an editor, and I owe any success to him. My next thanks are to the editors who carefully looked over my pages better than I ever could. They put up with things being fairly late a good amount of the time. Another person who deserves a thank you is Riley Althauser. Althauser provided myself and the rest of the student body with many funny moments, and made it very easy to pick a BWPOTM every month. Mrs. Ford also deserves much appreciation. She allowed me to take over as the sports editor as just a sophomore. I know I probably gave her quite a few headaches and probably even made her question her decision to go into teaching. My final thanks is to you, the reader. Without you, there would be no Holtonian, no McAllisters MashUp. It was you who gave me a chance to speak my mind on the only thing I have ever truly enjoyed. My dream job as a kid was to be a sports analyst, and you made that dream a reality.

The last three years have been great. Always remember that LeBron is the G.O.A.T, and never forget that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. With nothing left to say, it is truly the end of an era. Mamba out.