Tailgate For the Win

Cody Mulroy, Online Editor

The tradition is back. When you think of college football, you also think of all the crazy tailgates college students have. Holton High School is trying to shift that over to high school. Juniors Rees Robinson, Kyler Rose, and Blake Mulroy, along with seniors Cody Mulroy, and Eli Prine decided to make the trip down to Jeff West to bring back the decision. We made hot dogs for the first week and it was a success. The second week we decided to take it a bit farther. We met at Rees’s house and made the contents of breakfast burritos. Hash browns, Bacon, Eggs, and tortilla shells. We brought everything to the parking lot and sprawled out in our lawn chairs. We had the big bowl of contents and made our own burritos while sitting and conversing on how we were going to make the student section great. The first two weeks have been a success, and each week more people are wanting to join the hype of the tailgate.