Students balance school, work, and sports


Taylor Moore, Reporter

Many HHS students find themselves balancing jobs, school, and sports. Freshman Maxine Bertulfo is one of them. Bertulfo has worked at Sonic since December in 2018. She is just one of the HHS students that hold a job. Bertulfo has to take orders, make drinks and food, prepare for a shift, clean up after a shift and carhop out to the customers.

“I work on the weekends, and sports and school is on weekdays; however, I don’t have much free time on the weekends,” Bertuflo said.

Having a job with sports and school might be tough at times.

“I definitely think having a job will help me in the long run. It is my first job so I know how it all runs down,” Bertulfo said.

Working helps students learn many skills – not only how to count change or file paperwork, but also how to be a people person and work with others. It also teaches how to handle responsibilities, learn life skills, and manage time. Having a job at a young age can help a lot in the long run.

“I have gotten a lot more people skills as well as attending to people’s needs,” Bertulfo said.

In addition to work skills, some students have gained specialized knowledge.  Sophomore Isaac Mulenga, for example, has a specialized knowledge of cheese he has gained from working at HyVee in Topeka on weekends.

“I have learned how to work harder, work with others, and I know about 30 different types of cheeses,” Mulenga said.

Many bosses will work with people’s schedules. Students learn to be flexible by being willing to work when there is an emergency and giving up some of their free time. For example, instead of hanging out with friends, students might fill in for friends who are unable to work.

“My boss makes sure to ask me if I can work. I have had the same workdays since I have worked there,” Bertulfo said.

Getting paid may or may not be the best part of the job – for some it is, and for others, it isn’t. But getting extra money to pay for college or to buy “extras” will help a lot.

“My hourly wage is $5.15 plus tips, I don’t have to share my tips with anyone,” Bertulfo said.