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Winter Formal Spirit Week, assembly entertain

Shaye Leavendusky, Journalism 1 Reporter

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To celebrate winter formal and get students in the spirit, SutCo put together a spirit week.

“I think Spirit Week brought the student body together and also got students pumped for formal,” said freshman Addie Degenhardt.

On Monday it was Pajama Day, which worked out pretty nicely because students could just roll out of bed and come to school. It was common for students to come in messy hair, fluffy pajama bottoms, slippers, and big tee shirts. The winners of Pajama Day were Hope Kebert and Seth Peterson.

The next day was dress to impress; students wore their best clothes. Many girls wore dresses and heels, and boys wore jeans, khakis, or even suits.

“ I felt that having to dress nice for a day brought out the confidence in the students! We all looked very nice,” freshman Taygen Altenburg said.

The winners of Dress to Impress Day were freshman Megan Lierz and sophomore Shawn Kramer.

On Wednesday it was Frat Day. For Frat Day students wore khakis, button down shirts, and visors.

“I think it was very fun because all the girls looked like guys, and I really enjoyed the creativity,” freshman Mary Pritchett said.

The winners for frat day were freshman Shaye Leavendusky and sophomore Kaitlyn Peven.

Thursday was Character Day. Students dressed anywhere from Disney to fairytale characters.

“Character Day was my favorite day because it was a good excuse to be a kid again,” said freshman Faith Haussler.

The winners of character day were sophomore Marc Kerns, who dressed in a Ninja Turtle costume, and Drew Morris, who dressed as Donald Trump.

The last day was Blue and White day; freshmen and juniors dressed in white, and sophomores and seniors dressed in blue.

“It was creative to have it mixed so not everyone dressed in either blue or white,” said freshman Isabell Watkins.

All of the classes were cut short so there could be an assembly during fourth hour. Winter formal candidates competed against each other in various games. The first game was Hungry, Hungry Hippos. The candidates had to go belly down on a scooter and hold a laundry basket, while their partners pushed then by grabbing their ankles. In the next game the boys had to put on a shower cap with shaving cream on the top, and their partners had to throw the cheese balls on the shower caps and try to get the most to stick on. After they cleaned up their mess, Kleenex boxes filled with Ping-Pong balls were placed on their lower backs and were held up by duct tape around their waist. The candidates had to get all the balls out of the boxes by shaking and jumping around.

To finish the assembly the boy candidates were brought behind the stage to change their outfits. Each of the boys had a special outfit picked out for them. Brett Bontrager off the fashion show with cut off jeans, a flannel, and a cowboy hat. Next up was Brandon Lehnherr with yoga pants and a vest covered with sequins. Carson Meerpohl really kept the show going wearing heels, a purple dress, and a big sun hat. After that Bryson Patch came out wearing a cheerleader uniform, and he really impressed the crowd when he dunked on Aaran McAllister. Lastly, but certainly not the least, came Riley Strader, wearing an outfit Spencer Baum had picked out for him. His outfit consisted of a two-pieced dress with a tutu, and a WWE belt. The winner of the fashion show was Brett Bontrager.



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Winter Formal Spirit Week, assembly entertain