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Vocalists prepare to perform

Alyssa McCammon, Journalism 1 Reporter

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All three vocal classes have been preparing for concerts and performances this spring.

“For the most part all the classes have worked very well this semester,” Bond said. “The Notables are the prepared out of all the classes with the Singers a close second.”

The lowest level class that doesn’t require students to try out is the Singers. They are currently working on two songs to sing for the concert. They will also be adding at least one more song to sing.

“My favorite song is probably Mighty Mouse,” Kaylee Goodwin said.

The next class, the middle level class which requires students to try out, is the Chamber Choir. They are currently working on four songs to sing at the concert. They are not planning on adding any more songs to their list.

Aneliz Lemon’s favorite song is “Blow, Blow Thou Winter Winds.”

“My favorite song is Inscription of Hope,” Brandi McCammon said.

The last choir is the highest-level class, the Notables.

“The Notables will be preparing the most songs because they perform the most,” said Bond.

They are currently preparing six songs and will most probably prepare at least four more songs..

“All of the classes have had approximately the same amount of rehearsal time. The Notables make the best use of their rehearsal time and rehearse for more of the hour than the other classes, but that is to be expected,” said Bond. “The Chamber Choir is a close second on the amount of rehearsal time.”

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Vocalists prepare to perform