New Art Opportunity


Brian Nelson

Decorative ornaments are on display at the front of the building. They are available for purchase.

Natalie Wareham, Retrospect asst. editor

When life gives you lemons… make glass
art! More Than Lemons is a new glassblowing studio and art gallery located on the east side of the square. April Lemon, owner, proudly opened her own shop after obtaining a degree in glass from Emporia State University in May. With ESU being the only university in the state offering a glass program, Lemon logged nearly 1,000 miles to and from her classes each week.

“I had always wanted to learn how to blow glass. Almost 30 years ago when I was in high school, I practically spent my senior year in the art room,” Lemon said.

When the timing was finally right, she took her chance and went on to earn her degree.

“My husband told me to do something I have always wanted to do, and glass blowing was just that,” Lemon said, “Eventually I wanted to find a building and have a gallery with my hot shop out back. It would be something that is beneficial for local artists and myself.”

Upon entering More Than Lemons one is greeted by an art gallery, containing the works of artists in and around the Holton area. The rustic charm of the gallery is shown through the redesigned building. Lemon and her husband are the fourth owners of the historic building and have done much work in order to make it their own.

With the gallery in the front of the building her “hot shop” is located in the rear. This area is where Lemon can work directly with customers and those interested in the art of glass blowing. Tools and equipment, such as the 2,100 degree Fahrenheit furnace crucible make working conditions very hot, but allow those watching to see the liquid glass become a piece of art. Not only can observers watch the process unfold, they can also take part in the process themselves.

“Before you start just remember to not give up right away and make sure you are ready to take the heat,” Lemon said.

For those interested in watching a demonstration of glass blowing or wanting to make their own creations, More Than Lemons offers “Blow Your Own Saturdays.” From 11-5 on Saturdays customers can create their own pieces of glass art with the help of a professional. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner visitors can create glass hearts in colors such as amethyst, red, or cobalt blue, all of which would make great gifts!