Seniors take advantage of early release

Claire Mosier, Feature Editor

Students generally dread coming back from Christmas Break. Those two weeks are essentially a preview of what summer will be like, only much warmer. So when the Sunday before the first day back rolls around, students go into the winter blues. However, for some seniors that have schedules that allow it, get to either sleep in or leave school early. Senior early release and late start allow students to either sleep in for school or leave early and attend a job or just sleep the day away.

“It is pretty great that I don’t have to stay at school the whole time. I get to go home and do really important things like watch Netflix,” said Sydney McRae.

Some seniors use the time to their advantage and head to work a little early in order to save as much money as possible before heading to college in the fall.

“When I have early release I get out at 1:45 and that’s when my shift starts, so if I didn’t have early release I would usually get there at 3:30. It gives me two extra hours I wouldn’t normally have. It adds up to an extra 25 dollars a day, which makes a big difference in the long run. I am glad to have that opportunity,” Emily McKinsey, senior, said.

It is beneficial for the students to be able to go to work earlier before college.