Haunted Town brings Spooks and Scares

Blake Harris, Assistant Editorial Editor

With Halloween right around the corner, many teenagers find fun in touring haunted houses, going on hayrack rides, and finding other activities to scary the heebie–jeebies out of them. Thirty miles northwest of Kansas City, sits a small town, Atchison. The majority of people in Kansas know Atchison as the birthplace of Amelia Earhart. However, some may not know that Atchison, Kansas is the second most haunted city in America.

When October rolls around the Atchison Chamber of Commerce takes advantage of that fact. For the spooky month of October, thrill seekers can purchase tickets to go on a haunted trolley ride. The shaky ride takes visitors around Atchison to view houses, buildings, and even just plots of land. The quaint city is home to some of the most beautiful, old Victorian homes in the entire state. During the tour a gentleman at the front of the trolley tells the frightening stories about everything that has happened at each location.

Screams fill the small window- filled trolley through out the tour. The dark night outside of the smudged glass makes the riders paranoid. While telling the stories, the guide has high hopes to scare the passengers, almost as if he is paid by the number of screams the customers utter during the ride. Within the crowded benches, immature ghost hunters pull out their shiny silver iPhone’s in hope of capturing a ball of energy or a ghost standing in a window of the historic homes.

Whether a visitor enjoys getting spooked or not, the trolley ride is fun and provides good practice for those hoping to start a career in paranormal activity. But visitors should be careful; after the adventurous evening, a spirit may attach itself to them, forever.