Malick pursues criminal justice

Criminal justice TV shows grab the viewers attention with the gory scenes and intriguing storylines involving the Crime Scene Investigation teams and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, when really; the job isn’t always that glamorous.

A bachelor’s degree is required along with eight or more weeks of training in order to work up to a corrections officer and to continue climbing the ranks. Once a person graduates with the required number of hours spent training and learning new disciplines there is still more work to be done.

“At the time of my attendance at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center it was an eight-week academy that included emergency vehicle operation, firearms, crime scene, criminal and constitutional law, report writing and a number of other disciplines,” said Mark Malick, Special Agent in Charge, Oversight of the Crime Scene Response Team, Training Unit, Methamphetamine Waste Disposal Program and Public Information Officer for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

“Upon graduation, it is required that certified law enforcement officers complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education each year.  Throughout the years I have had advance training in interview and interrogations, homicide investigation, management, statement analysis, crime scene, photography and a number of other trainings,” he said.

Malick reinforced that once people start the training and are accepted into the programs their mindset has to be that they will continue to try their absolute best to help better the lives of those in the community.

“My mindset from the beginning was that I wanted to progress through the ranks in the Sheriff’s Office in Salina.  I immediately became engaged in community events  and fundraising because this job made me feel more a part of the community and it was my way of giving back,” said Malick.

“After being selected to the FBI National Academy, my mindset was to reach the next level and was presented the opportunity at the KBI.  My mindset has not changed.  I continue to be involved with non-profit organizations and was selected to co-chair the Governor’s Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board and have worked my way into management,” he added.

Those who work hard could be chosen to go to the FBI National Academy Session each year. There they would complete a 10-week training session at the FBI Training academy in Quantico, Virginia.

There are many responsibilities that come into play when someone choses to work in Criminal Justice. It is not just about getting the bad guy and achieving that happy ending, but doing what’s safest and in the best interest for the Bureau and community.