The Holtonian

Book Thief steals readers’ hearts

Reagan Tinney

September 9, 2013

   The Book Thief is a beautiful and heartbreaking tale told by an unlikely narrator, Death. In the book, which takes place during the Second World War, readers are introduced to Death's sometimes-poetic views of life and the war, and his pecu...

The Host

Maddie Reith

March 26, 2013

Television screens are filled with the trailer for the new movie The Host. It is going to be released this coming Friday. Some might not know that it is based off of a book that Stephanie Meyer wrote, also called The Host. ...

One Last Strike scores hit

Heather Gillie, J1 Reporter

March 6, 2013

The book “One Last Strike” is a great book because Cardinals fans and other MLB team fans get an opportunity to get inside Tony LaRussa’s head about the 2011 season. Readers get an insider’s view of how the Cardinals...

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