The Holtonian

“What’s Wrong with Her?”

October 10, 2017

It was a normal autumn day. The sun peaked over the horizon bringing a warm glow along with it that made the frost glisten on the grass in the morning light. The birds were chirping along with one another and I was getting into my car on my way to the school. The high school band would soon be leavi...

Tic Tac Hero

Aj Haussler

October 3, 2017

The moment I mention Tic Tacs, many of you may already know who my hero is. He’s an older fellow with glasses, a killer mustache, and a pocket full of hunting pictures he’d love to tell you about. This man also has one very remarkable quality; he’s everyone’s favorite substitute teacher. He probably...

Signature of Love

Ashlyn Robinson

October 3, 2017

It’s 2001 and a man is about to make possibly one of the biggest decisions of his life. He has the papers in front of him and he stares down at the line where he needs to sign. Part of me wonders if he ever thought twice but I know he took the chance in a heartbeat. He signed the papers, sat down the...

Childhood Misadventure

Brock Forrester

October 3, 2017

For me to be able to start this essay I feel the need to give you some of the background information about my brothers. Growing up I had two older brothers, Brady, and Brennan. Brady is my middle brother only 13 months older than me. For being so close together we didn’t particularly get along very...

Strongest Man I Know

Shay Tanking, Reporter

September 28, 2017

I’ve heard stories about my dad and not good ones either. Before I go on let me clear this up. They aren’t bad stories about my dad they are bad stories about how my dad was treated. For example, when he was a kid, him and his brothers had to work in multiple fields all day long. When it was his...

Everlasting Love

Mikaela Mayhew, Co-News Editor

March 28, 2017

You make my heart dance fiercely inside This passion I know I can’t hide   You ruin my concentration I can’t focus when you have the prowess to control my attention   You have the natural charisma to heal my sorrowful mind You have the capability to cure my humanity   You...

God Above

Mikaela Mayhew, Co-News Editor

March 28, 2017

God above Lucifer below   I wonder what the world beholds With extravagant commodities all around I wonder what is outside my hometown But one might say I am home bound   I wish to leave But not my memories I wish to leave the unpleasant And begin anew   Start...


May 17, 2016

As I fall into the abyss I feel that I will never be missed As I go deeper and deeper into the darkness I see no light in to end I see no kindness as I descend I reach the bottom, and all I feel is the cold I was lied to from the beginning There is no such thing as a heart of gold People,...


Corey Nordyke, Site Designer, Assistant Photographer

May 9, 2016

It's sad to grow up having a mom, but at the same time not having a mom. Moms are supposed to be there through thick and thin, but my mom wasn't. It wasn't that my mom was never there it was just that she never cared. It wasn’t until 2004 that I finally felt what it was like to have a mother who cared....


Mary Gorden

April 28, 2016

Dad, you are like a hurricane. I still see your aftermath in my reflection wrecked, scattered, strewn, yet you evaporated years and years ago. Your waterline is still drawn on my mother’s skin, a reminder of when you swept in and left only debris. How can you sleep at night knowing that your ...

Not a Victim

Mary Gorden

April 28, 2016

I am glass. I am glass at home while I sit behind my computer. Each word they type about me is a thrown rock projected by artificial light onto my skin at 9pm on a Tuesday night. I must pretend that the words thrown are not cracking my surface.   In the hallways I am ice. if...


Mary Gorden

April 28, 2016

You treated me like I was a thin sheet glass in your hands. You believed whole-heartedly that I was frail and fragile- easy to crack. You thought you could see right through me.   You loved the idea of being the one in control, loved having the power to fracture me with a twist...

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