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Holliday earns hundredth consecutive league win

Shari Riley and Maddie Foster, J1 Reporters

February 28, 2013

Jon Holliday, coach of the Holton girls varsity basketball team for 10 years, recently won his hundredth consecutive league win. While proud of that milestone, Holiday is even prouder of his teams. After Holliday won the...

Goetz makes strides in more than just classroom

Reagan Tinney, J1 Reporter

February 28, 2013

Heart racing, arms pumping, sweat dripping, lungs burning. You see the finish line, only 50 more meters to go. You’ve been ahead the whole race and try to sprint to the finish but somehow you just can’t. Instead, the runners...

Freshmen deserve coverage too

Alys Gomez, J1 Reporter

February 27, 2013

If you look at the school newspaper you see feature stories on the first page. Then you flip through the newspaper to the sports page. You see amazing action shots of varsity players making their winning shot. You might even be...

Freshman recovers from injury while playing on varsity

Megan Rhule, Emily McKinsey, Sonora Sheldon, Journalism I Reporters

February 27, 2013

Freshman Mackenzie Moore fights through pain to win games on a weekly basis. About a month ago, Moore was practicing with the rest of the varsity team when she fell and sprained her ankle.  After a doctor checked her out,...

Cyberbullying on social media

Ashleigh Wallace

February 18, 2013

Cyber bullying has become very common in this era but why is the question a lot of us have. People bully for a lot of reasons like they want to be heard or they got hurt in the past so they want to have people feel what they...

Holton High students spread positive messages

Rachel Bryant

February 14, 2013

Holton High will open its doors to middle school students this Saturday to help them learn about making good decisions. Students in grades 6-8 from Jackson Heights, Royal Valley, and Holton will be attending. The conference will...

Sunflower Showdown

Emily Nevil

February 12, 2013

KU Jayhawks win against K-State Wildcats Monday, February 11th at Allen Fieldhouse. After three continuous loses KU comes back with a score of 83-62. Fans were going wild all day Monday wondering who would win this game. Riva...

Kiddie Camp returns to USD 336

Dalton Beightel, Holtonian Editor

February 2, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Holton High School Spirit Squad are taking to the gym and preparing the kindergarten through 6th graders for the annual Kiddie Camp. On Saturday February 2, the children of Holton Grade Scho...

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